The company CUTECMA was founded in 2012 by Sezgin Cukle. In our daily work we resort to a worldwide network of technicians, fitters, electricians, carriers and distribution partners. Remove a printing press in Germany and a short time later build in South America again? For CUTECMA no problem.

Buy and sell used printing machines

If you are looking for a reliable partner for trading in used printing machines, you have struck gold with us. CUTECMA offers you more than 25 years of experience in the field of printing machines and supports you comprehensively and quickly from the purchase contract to assembly.

Our many years of experience and our global network of technology, logistics and sales partners ensure uncomplicated and fast processing for you. In addition to trading in used printing machines, we also offer other services from security and storage to freight transport around the globe.

For an impression of our work and our projects, see selected, completed projects on the reference page. In the gallery you will also find a small excerpt of our work. If you have any questions about processing, possible cooperation or our references, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to personal contact with you.

Specialist for used printing machines

We see ourselves as experts in the field of graphic machines. We deal with devices from well-known manufacturers such as MAN ROLAND, KBA and HEIDELBERG. Our core business includes not only global trade, but also additional services such as company relocations and the valuation of used printing machines.

When you buy a used printing machine from CUTECMA, you receive tested quality as well as professional installation and commissioning. The procurement of any spare parts that may be required is also no problem for us. It is our aim that everything is implemented to your satisfaction and as easily as possible when the order is placed.

As a specialist in printing machines, we buy your used equipment. We determine the value of your machine in advance by means of a professional valuation and a technical and optical report. After the successful purchase agreement, for your security, you will receive full payment for the printing machine prior to dismantling.

Time is valuable. We therefore attach particular importance to the prompt and timely dismantling of the used printing machine in order to save you unnecessary loss of time. A smooth removal is also possible during ongoing operations.

Printing machines manufacturer

As a specialist dealer, we trust in our experience and the expertise of selected manufacturers. We buy and sell used printing machines from leading manufacturers such as HEIDELBERG, MAN ROLAND or KBA. You will also find selected machines from many other manufacturers in our portfolio.

Printing machines from HEIDELBERG

HEIDELBERG is known for precision machines. As the world’s leading manufacturer of sheet-fed offset printing machines and other machines for the print media industry, HEIDELBERG offers solutions for numerous applications.

At CUTECMA, we trust the quality of the high-quality HEIDELBERG printing machines. If you would like to sell your used HEIDELBERG machine or are looking for a used printing machine, please contact us.

MAN ROLAND printing machines

The Man Roland printing machines offer many solutions, for example for newspaper, advertising and packaging printing. Offset printing has been continuously developed over the past 100 years and has undergone technical progress.

You can also find good used Roland printing machines in our portfolio. We too count Manroland sheetfed printing presses among the best in the world. From the purchase contract to the installation of your used printing machine, we at CUTECMA are there for you.

The KBA printing presses

Koenig und Bauer, or KBA for short, offers numerous machines from the prepress process to post-processing. KBA is the oldest printing press manufacturer in the world with a very broad portfolio and great expertise.

You will of course also find the manufacturer’s printing systems in our range of used printing machines. We trade machines from Koenig and Bauer worldwide and support you from the purchase contract to the transport to the final installation.


As early as 1998 we took our first steps in the international area of trading in used printing machines. We were already enthusiastic about the complexity of the tasks in this area back then. Planning to move a printing press around the world takes a lot of effort. This challenge and the cooperation with technicians, electricians, freight forwarders and sales partners are enthusiastic and still today.

In 2012, the company CUTECMA was founded by owner Sezgin Cukle and, as a specialist in printing machines, has looked after numerous customers around the world. With the service and many years of expertise, numerous customers trust CUTECMA when it comes to trading in used printing machines.