• Purchase and Sale<br />of used graphic machines

    Purchase and Sale
    of used graphic machines

  • Disassembling, Installation<br />and Commissioning

    Disassembling, Installation
    and Commissioning

  • Company relocation, Transport,<br />and Storage

    Company relocation, Transport,
    and Storage

About us

The company CUTECMA was founded in 2012 by Sezgin Cukle.

In my daily work I resort to a worldwide network of technicians,
fitters, electricians, carriers and distribution partners. Remove a
printing press in Germany and a short time later build in South America
again? For me and my team no problem.

Over 20 years experience

My industry experience dates back to the year 1998. Even my training
as a wholesale and export trader, i graduated with a second hand graphic
machine dealer, followed by an appointment as an officer in the same

2002 then the step to independence: Together with a partner, I
started a company for used graphic machines that called PEP Printing
Equipment Partners. After termination of cooperation in 2012 I finally
started the company CUTECMA.

Why graphical machines?

The complexity and function of large printing machines have inspired
me from the beginning. Such a machine to move to the other side of the
world, requires real talent for organization and a lot of experience.
But it is worth it as masterpieces of engineering the presses run at the
new location for many years on. Each order a lasting value - what could
be better?