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WUPA WPM 400 B Stanz- und Prägesystem

Cutting, Creasing and Emossing Press

Referenznummer: CU-001019

WUPA WPM 400 B Stanz- und Prägesystem
  • with high-performance sheet feeder for manual Non-Stop operation
  • for fully automatic cutting, creasing and embossing, with or without gripper edge
  • including piling of the processed sheets with gripper edges still attached, or alternatively
  • including stripping of the internal waste and the side and rear sheet edges
  • stripping the gripper edges and piling the remaining sheets
  • including limited blank Separation
  • with a patented gripper bar register system to guarantee highest precision
  • with lowerable roll-carpet Non-Stop delivery
  • with Centerline-System
  • incl. operator platform

Technische Daten

  • 2000
  • 2.635 operation of hours
  • max.sheet format 820 x 1,130 mm
  • max.mech. strokes per hour 9,000
  • max.cutting pressure 4,0 MN (400 t)